November 30th, 2016, 2:43 am


The Eyre Toons Comic End December 6th & Season Greetings

Eyre Toon Comics

Hey everyone, it has been a crazy year! Well 2016 is coming to an end, and like most things, so is my comic, at least for this year. I don't know yet what I will be doing comic-wise, but I hope to do more at some point!
Maybe not one every day again, as that was exhausting! :P Phew!

Although the comic technically ends on the 6th, there will be 2 extra comics released on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day! (Hopefully! If I don't forget!)

So thank you to all my readers, it has been so much fun making the Eyre Toons comic for you guys this year!

If you guys wanna see more Eyre Toons, leave some comments, let me know you would like to see more of! I might do some character spinoff comics, like a Double D or Diaman series!

Thanks everyone, and have a fun and safe holiday break!

Oh and before I forget, I, (Mr E), is playing around with vine before they close it down, so if you wanna see some of my silly videos, here is the link to the Eyre Toons Twitter!

And my Vine Channel;

That's all from me this year, thank again everyone!
Merry Christmas and wishing you the best for the new year!